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St. Paraskeva Church

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The history of St. Paraskeva Church begins as early as in the XV century. This cathedral was called the St. Leka Church or the Church of boyar Leka. There is no exact date of construction of that wooden church. It was also called the custom church, for it stood not far from the customs office. Now there is still a house across the road, which was a wayside inn and actually the first post office in Chernivtsi, because at that time the letters were transferred by travelers or merchants, who stopped at this wayside inn, where one could have rest himself, stay overnight and give a drink and food to horses.

Construction of the St. Paraskeva Church began in 1844 after dismantling of the wooden church erected in 1745 on the place of the boyar Leka church. The church was consecrated on February 5, 19862 even before final completion of work.

It takes a special place in the history of Chernivtsi, for this is the place where on February 29, 1864 the funeral for Taras Shevchenko was conducted. The Ukrainness of Bukovina honoured the national prophet for the first time here.

In the Soviet period the cathedral was closed. The church premise was used as a storehouse for a long time, later it became a Chess Club. Hereby all frescos on the walls were destroyed and covered with paint.

At the present time the church has a status of the cathedral and is an acting house of worship.

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