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The house of Regional State Administration (former Palace of Justice)

Про локацію

The Court Chamber or a Palace of Justice is a four-storied rectangular building. The façade of the house is decorated by the coloured ceramic brick (red and green) that was made especially for this palace, and ceramic inserts with flowers and “lex” signs in Latin. The main façade is crowned with the statues of Themis, a goddess of Justice, and Nemesis, a goddess of revenge. The entrance is decorated with the sculptures of two lions, each whereof keeps in front of it a cartouch (a decoration in form of semi-unfolded scroll edged with evolutions). This structure is called a House with lions because of this structure. They say that the lions protect the main entrance against lies and falsehood.

Today the building accommodates Chernivtsi Regional State Administration.



The Palace of Justice was built in 1906. The project was ordered to Franc Skowron, the architect of Vienna. The details of the building were made by Arthur Bileman. Franz Gubisch, the engineer, was ordered to select the material and draw up the method of operations. Construction began in April 1905, supervised by Korytnianskyi, Gisenberg and Markus Kislenger, the owner of the firm “Patria”, which manufactured extra brick with enamel especially for this palace. As a result of efforts made by architects and builders there was built a grand building – the Palace of Justice consecrated on October 7, 1906.

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