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Olga Kobylyanskaya Literary Memorial Museum

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The museum of Olga Kobylyanska, one of the most famous figures of the Bukovyna region, was opened in Chernivtsi in the house of the writer, which she bought for her own fees and where she lived from 1925 until her death in 1942. Since the museum opened in 1944, it is not surprising that there are many unique things related to the life and work of the writer. Here is a beautiful library, which Olga dreamed of from a young age. She was even willing to marry a professor who had a good library by writing him a letter proposing marriage. Still, she did not send the letter. The writer’s office has everything you need to create a working atmosphere. There is also something that stimulated creativity, for example, a bottle of sea water on the table, which was brought by one of her friends. Olga never managed to see the sea, although the sea element in her works is so convincing! On the wall hangs a laurel wreath made of silver, which was given to her by the people of Lviv on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of her literary activity.

One of the unique exhibits of the museum is a portrait of Olga Kobylyanska, made from the letters of her five stories. Olga Kobylyanska became a classic during her lifetime. Her works were staged, and Ivan Franko, Lesya Ukrainka, Mykola Lysenko, and Mykhailo Hrushevsky admired her work.

The genius Ukrainian writer has written dozens of short stories, essays, short stories, journalistic articles, as well as stories from the life of the intelligentsia. Her works “Earth”, “Black Apostle”, “Princess” have not lost relevance to this day. Much of her work is in German, but Olga Kobylyanska is considered an innovator in Ukrainian literature. She was the first to create the image not of a murdered, oppressed peasant woman, but of a woman who seeks to have equal rights with men. At the same time, Olga herself was not an emancipated feminist, but on the contrary – a subtle, sensual nature. For example, she always kept a diary, loved divination and mysticism, believed in prophetic dreams. And she knew the price of great love…

Bukovynians honor the memory of their great compatriot. No wonder the main street of Chernivtsi is named after her. It is said that there are still those who remember how in the early 1940s, when the writer was already ill and could not get up, Chernivtsi residents came to the windows of her house, and now the museum, and sang songs to their favorite.

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