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Vladimir Ivasyuk Museum

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The Volodymyr Ivasyuk Memorial Museum, without exaggeration one of the most talented Ukrainian composers and poets, was opened on September 13, 1995, on the 25th anniversary of the premiere of the song “Chervona Ruta”, and the permanent exhibition opened on March 4, 1999. years since the birth of the composer. The museum itself is located in the apartment where Volodymyr Ivasyuk once lived with his parents for a short time. There are about 10 thousand unique exhibits related to his life and work – his personal musical instruments, drawings and portraits, books. Here is a description of Volodya, an 8th grade student: “Hardworking, modest, reads a lot, draws well.” And this is the cover of the notes of “Vodograyu” in Polish, written by the composer for the orchestra of the Sopot pop song contest. And here you can listen to rare recordings of the 1970s – songs performed by the author himself. Today the museum is a kind of center for the promotion of Ukrainian song, it is visited by guests from all over the world from Canada to Japan.

Volodymyr Ivasyuk is one of the founders of Ukrainian pop popular music, the author of the famous hits “Chervona Ruta”, “Vodogray”, “I will go to distant mountains”, “The song will be between us”. Songs from the shores of Cheremosh and Prut spread throughout the world like birds. Parents-teachers discovered their talent for music in Volodya from early childhood. He started playing the violin at the age of five. And later he mastered playing the piano, cello and guitar. Fame also came to Volodymyr Ivasyuk at a very young age – his songs immediately became extremely popular not only in Ukraine but throughout the Soviet Union. “Chervona Ruta” and “Vodogray” performed by the ensemble “Smerichka” won the annual competitions “Song 71” and “Song 72”. Volodymyr Ivasyuk’s creative collaboration with a number of Ukrainian singers gave an opportunity to reveal their talents. Among them are the names of Vasyl Zinkevych, Nazariy Yaremchuk, and Sofia Rotaru.

Unfortunately, the young Ukrainian talent died very early – at the age of 30. There is still a lot of mystery in his death. The official version of the then government is suicide, but many facts indicate a violent death. What was the danger of young talent? That he was a genius and brought Ukrainian song beyond the bounds of provincialism allowed in Soviet times? ..

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