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Shcherbyna mansion and House of the forester

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Shcherbyna mansion.

One of the most remarkable buildings of the old Cherkasy city, a real pearl of the building of the then provincial city, and at the same time one of the main symbols of today’s Cherkasy is the mansion of Shcherbyna. It was built in 1892 for Cherkasy engineer, a navvy-contractor, a member of the city council—Afanasiy Mykytovych Shcherbyna. This is 1-2 storey brick building, the architecture of which is executed in the style of Neo-Renaissance. Originally, the mansion was part of the manor with stables, wings, a winter garden and a fountain. The interior layout of the house has been changed. External reconstruction touched the principle and rear front. The courtyard was hedged with a forged fence. Next to the mansion was a house for the servants and the stables.
Shcherbina himself did not live long there. Before the First World War he rented it to the county land administration. After the revolution, the party and Soviet authorities were located here, during the German occupation—the gendarmerie, after the war—the Palace of Pioneers, in 1978 it was converted into the Wedding palace, which is here and now. In 2010-2011 restoration was carried out, after which the mansion acquired a new color.

House of the forester.

The building belongs to the so-called “Exemplary houses”, the author of which was the architect A. Ruska. At the beginning of the XIX century he released the album “Exemplary fronts”, according to which many Ukrainian cities were built. The building was built of locally produced bricks, probably by the master-builders-“Old Believers” under the guidance of the Cherkasy architect Kostrytsia. The ceilings in the house are wooden. Since its construction, not only walls and ceilings, but also carpentry and accessories with monograms of the firm “N. and G. Babashov 1850″ have been preserved. The front side of the building is decorated with a mosaic with the heroes of children’s fairy tales. Exteriorly, this mansion seems one-story, but in fact it has two floors (ground floor almost half buried into the ground). In the courtyard there were rooms for the servants and stables with two exits. Next to it was a blooming garden that stretched to Oleksandrivskyi avenue (the modern Shevchenko boulevard). Up to now, the house itself has been preserved almost intact, but the yard was converted. Originally the house belonged to the county forest ranger. After the revolution, the city

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